What is Pose of the Month?


We are starting something new at Inner Spring Yoga, something that we think you’ll like. Beginning this month we are introducing the Pose of the Month.

We learn best through repetition, so for an entire month our teaching team will make sure you practice the Pose of the Month at every. single. class you attend. We will provide you with detailed alignment cues, modifications, and practice tips throughout the month to ensure an in-depth study of the asana.

In addition to the Pose of the Month being included in every class you attend, we will also have handouts available to encourage practice at home. Plus, each month we will share a blog post with you, and include additional tips and info via our social media pages.

We want to see everyone practicing the pose of the month, so join us on Instagram and Facebook, show us your #SoINPoseOfTheMonth……..we can’t wait to see you on your mat!