welcome to inner spring yoga.

At Inner Spring Yoga it is our mission to teach the highest quality yoga, rooted in the deep history and traditions of the practice. Our intention is for each student to have an exceptional experience while practicing with us and leave with the inspiration to take what they’ve learned on their mat and translate it into the rest of their life.

In order for each student to have this exceptional experience it is important for the student to find the classes that will best suit her/his needs. We offer a wide variety of classes and levels and encourage each new student to review both the levels and styles available before scheduling their first class to ensure that their needs will be met.

Yoga instructor assisting a session attendee.

Common questions


What should I bring?

We have all of the equipment you need available for use free of charge. You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat and props if you have them, but if you are new to yoga we encourage you to use ours first before making the investment in your own. If you tend to perspire we recommend bringing a hand towel (microfiber towels work great). We also encourage you to bring a water bottle (we prefer reusable bottles) which can be filled at the studio.

What should I wear?

Yoga is all about stretching and moving, so we suggest non-restrictive clothing that allows you to move, bend, and stretch comfortably. It’s best if your shirt is either fitted, or long enough to tuck in. And, if you prefer to wear shorts we recommend biker style shorts that are fitted, or basketball style shorts that are longer. Yoga is practiced in bare feet, so there is no special footwear required (yoga socks with grippy bottoms are permitted, but you will otherwise be asked to remove your socks). If you are attending a yin or restorative class we suggest having some layers, perhaps a cardigan or sweatshirt you can pull on if you tend to get chilly.  We also encourage you to refrain from wearing too much jewelry, which tends to get in the way as you are moving through the yoga postures. We also recommend that you refrain from wearing heavily scented body lotions, perfumes, and sprays…...but if you tend to perspire, we encourage lightly or non-scented deodorant.

What if i have an injury?

If you have an old injury that still bothers you we recommend letting your teacher know so she/he can help you make appropriate modifications. If your injury is new or recent we recommend consulting with your doctor as well as our owner, Carrie Klaus, before beginning or continuing your yoga practice. It is important that you communicate with your instructor, pay attention to your body, and if anything hurts let your instructor know immediately.

What should I expect?

We know that getting yourself through the door of a new environment is the hardest part. That’s why, when you come through our door you should expect to be greeted with a smile. When you come for your first class the teacher in charge will help you get oriented to the space, show you where things are and help you get set up.  Each teacher at Inner Spring has his or her own unique personality and teaching methodology so each teacher’s classes will feel slightly different. What you can is a high quality yoga class with a well trained teacher. Some teachers include chanting and some do not. Some teachers include poetry and some do not. Some teachers focus on yoga philosophy and some do not. We encourage you to purchase our new students special and take advantage of as many different classes and teachers as you can in that 30 days to find the best fit for you.

When should I arrive?

We generally do not have the door unlocked until 15-20 minutes before class begins. We recommend that you arrive at least 10-15 minutes early for your very first class, as there is some information we will need to get added into our computer system as well as our waiver that you will need to sign. We lock the doors of the studio once class has started, so please arrive on time.

What if i’m not flexible?

We hear this one all of the time! You do not have to be naturally flexible to do yoga. In fact, not being flexible is a good reason to start doing yoga. Yoga will help increase your flexibility and range of motion if practiced regularly.


Generally we prefer that you keep your cell phone, smart watches, and all other electronic devices out of the studio space. These electronic devices can be a distraction to you and to the other students in the room. If you must have an electronic device with you we require that you turn it to “do not disturb” or “airplane” mode so it will not make noise or buzz during class.