The importance of having Yoga Alliance Registered instructors.

ISY has high standards, ensuring that our teachers are very well trained. Yoga Alliance is the central governing body for yoga teachers in the US, and sets standards for yoga teachers across the nation. Yoga Alliance also sets requirements for continuing education, ensuring that teachers registered with them (RYT) are remaining current in their skills and knowledge.

Photo of Carrie Klaus: E-RYT, YACEP Owner/Director

Carrie Klaus: E-RYT, YACEP Owner/Director

Inspired by the Jivamukti Yoga Method, you'll find Carrie's classes to be a mix of serious yoga focus and light-hearted fun. Each class is different and challenging, covering a wide variety of yoga postures to help you transcend the limitations of your mind. Carrie believes that every person can practice yoga and will help you find your most comfortable pose through the use of props and various modifications. Carrie's classes also include a good dose of yoga philosophy. Her classes will encourage you to challenge yourself mentally and physically all while you're having fun!

Carrie began her yoga practice in 2003 after the birth of her first daughter. She started yoga as a way to get her body in shape after pregnancy, but quickly realized that yoga had so much more to offer. While continuing her physical practice she began to deepen her knowledge of yoga. As a result of experiencing greater peace in her life, Carrie decided to begin sharing her love of yoga with others. She enrolled in teacher training and has been sharing her love of yoga ever since.

Carrie and her husband, Rob, opened Inner Spring Yoga in 2013 with the intention of creating a heart centered community in which Southern Indiana and Louisville residents can learn the teachings of yoga and equip themselves to spread peace and kindness into the world.

Carrie completed her 200 hour teacher training at Eternal Health Yoga under the guidance of Shelli Carpenter. In addition to holding a 200 hour certificate and being registered with Yoga Alliance, Carrie also holds a teacher training certificate in Yin Yoga Practice and Theory which she received under the guidance of Paul Grilley, and is currently working toward receiving her 500 hour teaching certification at Asheville Yoga Center. Carrie has practiced under many amazing teachers including Sharon Gannon, David Life, Doug Swenson, Anna Ferguson, Julie Kirkpatrick and Michael Johnson. Carrie continues to learn new information to share with her classes by participating in workshops and trainings.

Carrie is a lifelong resident of Southern Indiana, where she lives with her husband, 2 daughters and 2 cats. When Carrie isn't teaching yoga she's busy watching her daughters compete in swimming and gymnastics.

Laura DeMent: E-RYT, Certified Health Coach

Laura was first introduced to yoga in 2002. At first, she enjoyed yoga as a form of exercise that did not bother her knees. As she continued her practice, yoga became a way to live her life in a balanced and healthy way. In 2005, Laura was asked to sub a yoga class and realized she would enjoy teaching. That fall she enrolled in OM yoga's Weekend Warrior teacher training in Indianapolis and graduated in 2006.

Laura's teaching is inspired by her teachers, Seane Corn, Chris Crews, Frank Mauro, Ramanand Patel and Laura Spaulding. Her classes focus on alignment, breath, flow and the use of props to make the asanas (postures) accessible to all students.

Laura is also a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and owner of Integrating Healthy Habits health coaching services.


Laura DeMent: E-RYT, Certified Health Coach

Photo of Jamie Yeager: RYT

Jamie Yeager: RYT

Jamie Yeager began her personal yoga practice in 2000 with the guidance of videos and library books. As the years went on, her practice developed and deepened slowly and organically. The more she learned about yoga outside of her asana practice, the more she needed to learn. And thus, the understanding of yoga as a ceaseless journey and not simply an exercise regimen or something to perfect became clear. She enrolled in Inner Spring Yoga's inceptive 200-hour teacher training course, fulfilling the dream of sharing yoga with others that had resided within her for as long as she could remember

Because Jamie was pregnant and gave birth during 200-hour teacher training, she knows well how it feels to learn (or perhaps, to relearn) one's body. With this knowledge, she attempts to make certain that each of her students humbly accepts that there is no perfect yogi. She prefers to maintain an air of levity in her classes, both to keep yoga accessible for everybody in every body and to remind her students that everything is easier with a smile. 

Danielle Corley: RYT

Danielle dabbled in yoga over the years with videos, books, the occasional class and even pre natal classes during her third pregnancy. She enjoyed running and sought out a more regular yoga practice to compliment and support her hobby of running. However, in doing so, she discovered a deeper love and enjoyment of yoga as a result of a consistent practice at Inner Spring Yoga.

Danielle completed her yoga teacher training in 2016 at Inner Spring Yoga. She believes yoga is for anyone willing to try. She enjoys linking the breath with movement, honoring ancient traditions with a good dose of light hearted fun along the way.

Outside of yoga, Danielle can be found spending time with her husband and their three children. She likes running, bookclub, a cup of coffee with friends and has just recently adventured into the world of SUP.

Photo of Danielle Corley: RYT

Photo of Kim Hannan: RYT

Kim Hannan: RYT

Kim began practicing yoga in 2004 to escape the stresses of a corporate job with a heavy travel schedule. Throughout a handful of moves across the country, yoga has provided a sense of stability and connection. Kim is passionate about helping others commit to self care practices in order to serve others, and she's on a mission to inspire her students to ditch the guilt, eliminate the busy-ness that consumes our society, and enjoy a balanced life stemming from self-empowerment and kindness.

After planting roots in Jeffersonville in late 2012, Kim found her yoga home at Inner Spring and later joined the teaching team.  Kim's classes focus on flowing movements and mindfulness of the present moment to quiet the mind and find contentment in simplicity. She loves to teach beginners and experienced yogis alike, encouraging her students to take the lessons learned on the mat into their daily lives. While you should expect to leave her classes feeling more relaxed and at ease, you should also expect to laugh a bit most days. Kim leads with an approachable and authentic style, acknowledging that we’re all in this journey together.

Kim completed her 200 hour YTT at Inner Spring Yoga in 2015 and is currently studying in an additional 300 hour program at Asheville Yoga Center in North Carolina. She uses the principles of yoga and mindfulness to balance her family life with two children, running two businesses, teaching yoga, volunteering for a non-profit, and serving on several project teams -- all without using the “B” word (busy).

Bree Ramer: RYT

Bree Ramer graduated as a certified yoga teacher in 2015, and as a long term sufferer of Depression and anxiety disorder, Bree decided that she wanted to teach after building up to regular attendance at Inner Spring Yoga, because she saw what it was doing for her both physically, mentally and spiritually, and she wanted to share that with others to help them overcome their depression and anxiety as well. She is determined to continue learning, and doing everything she can to spread the love, and the light of yoga. Her mission is to help other people like her, who don't want to suffer anymore, and bring everyone closer to finding a deeper understanding of themselves.

Bree is certified to teach Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Meditation. Her classes are typically energetic and flowing when she teaches Hatha, and soothing when she teaches Yin or Restorative. She Teaches classes geared to all levels. 

Photo of Bree Ramer: RYT

Photo of Crystal Edwards-Hutsell: RYT

Crystal Edwards-Hutsell: RYT

I decided to become a yoga teacher after practicing yoga for six years, so I could help others find the same peace that yoga has brought to me. I believe there is a style of yoga for everyone. I am also a pediatric nurse. When I'm not working, practicing or teaching yoga I can usually be found outdoors with my two sons.

Crystal is a compassionate teacher who enjoys teaching a flowing style of Hatha Yoga.  She completed her 200 Hour Training through Inner Spring Yoga in 2015.

Esther richmer: RYT

Photo of Esther Richmer: RYT

Photo of Jason Dailey: RYT, LMT, CKTP, Reiki Master

jason dailey: RYT, lmt, cktp, reiki master

“May you be healed and may you be a source of healing” -Buddha

These words are ones that have resonated with me from a young age in my life and set the course and direction that my heart called. Having gone through things like culinary school to learn the ways of nutrition and food and working as a health/wellness coach for years helping others start their own journeys towards wellness to now being a Licensed Massage Therapist for nearly a decade and owner of Dailey Wellness & Massage within the Kula Center, taking the step into becoming a yoga teacher felt like such a natural progression and calling.

Having completed yoga teacher training in 2018 through Inner Spring Yoga and becoming a RYT-200, I am excited to be a part of the community here. Growing into my own style of teaching, I’ve found that I enjoy slowing things down a bit and allowing the body time to integrate the poses. In class, we may flow a bit and then slow it down to truly experience the way our bodies move. I look forward to seeing you in class!

Anne Darku: RYT

Anne began practicing yoga almost accidentally through her training in theatre not realizing that the warm-ups and cool downs were sun salutations and other asanas. Once she moved into a regular practice, she savored how it freshened her mind, created a sense of strength from the inside out and even seemed to make her walk taller.

In 2009 she was inspired to pursue teacher training in Nashville, TN where she completed her 200 Hour Certification. Anne believes yoga truly is for everyone, all bodies, anytime.

Photo of Anne Darku: RYT