Our vinyasa yoga classes are level 2 and 3 classes for yogis who know their practice and know how to modify. We offer two 90 minute classes, which give time for practitioners to work into more advanced postures. Our “Spirit Flow” vinyasa 90 class offers a good dose of yoga spirituality with the 90 minute practice. And our Vinyasa 60 class is a short but strong one hour practice for anyone looking to build stamina, endurance and strength. We recommend practicing at our studio for at least a few months, and taking several hatha flow classes before attending a level 2 vinyasa class.

In a Vinyasa Yoga class the static postures of Hatha Yoga are linked with breath awareness to create a moving meditation. There is less focus on alignment in a Vinyasa Yoga class. These classes are recommended for emerging and proficient yoga students (Level 2 and 3). Vinyasa Yoga builds stamina, endurance, and strength.

A Vinyasa Yoga class