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Ayurvedic Lunch and Learn: Nutrition and Food as Medicine

This workshop is all about healing with delicious, real food! We'll learn about our AGNI - our unique digestive and metabolic style, and how to eat for our deepest healing and nourishment. 

Learn the 6 main rules of Ayurvedic eating and enjoy a delicious tri-doshic (appropriate for all constitutions) meal together! 

We will feast on and receive recipes for:

  • Kitchari (Ayurvedic, spiced basmati rice and moong daal with vegetables)

  • Date ladoos (date and coconut dessert bites)

  • Agni tea (ginger, honey ,and lemon tea to kindle our digestive fire before the meal!)

Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga: the diet and lifestyle component of yogic health. We use food as our primary medicine, healing herbs and spices, and sadhana (or yoga and breath practices) to naturally bring the body back into balance. This is a follow-up to Intro to Ayurveda at Inner Spring, but those desiring to learn may attend even if they were not present at part 1. Just let Sarah knows she can catch you up to speed before the workshop! 

Earlier Event: March 10
New Student Workshop
Later Event: April 6
Chaturanga Clinic