Yoga Scholarship Donation

Yoga Scholarship Donation


At Inner Spring Yoga we have a deep belief that regular participation in yoga instruction has a meaningful impact on the progression and development of our members’ lives. To help ensure that all members of the community have the opportunity to participate, we offer a scholarship program that provides financial assistance. The scholarship is funded by donation, and supplemented by Inner Spring Yoga.

Scholarship recipients are chosen through an application process. We work with recipients to plan regular participation and utilization of the benefits, helping them to progress in their practice and life.

The Scholarship program was created through a partnership with local community members Joe & Kris Autry. Joe has experienced the benefit of a regular yoga practice, and seen the difference it made in his life.

Donations are made in $10 increments - please select a quantity beyond ‘1’ to donate more!

Thank you for participating in our Community!

Carrie & Rob Klaus

Joe & Kris Autry

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